This new brush does WAY more than you think

When it comes to facial exfoliation, the options are seemingly endless. From enzyme washes to grainy scrubs to AHA masks, the formulas to choose from can feel a bit overwhelming. Meanwhile, many gadgets that have been proven effective can be a serious investment. Which is why the idea of a more-affordable exfoliating option immediately piqued my interest. But the most interesting part? This budget-friendly dead-skin remover is a face brush that is meant to be used dry.

Borrowed from the ancient Ayurvedic practice of dry body-brushing comes Aveda’s new soft brush designed for the face. It’s the same idea as the brush you’d use on your legs or arms: daily dry brushing before cleansing removes dead skin, stimulates blood flow (which we all know is vital), and helps with lymphatic drainage. Translation: a smoother, more radiant, less puffy visage.