So, what’s Davide all about?

I am all about creating a comfortable environment for anyone in my chair. I am more than happy to chat away or happy to let you unwind and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. Either way my Guest always comes first! I love to cut graphic, precise work; creating strong, yet wearable, shapes complimented with some beautiful Aveda colour. I love being able to take care of the full service from start to finish.


Our Italian Maestro, Davide is based in our Hampstead Salon. He has been with us 10 years now. Davide joined us as an Assistant and has very successfully worked his way up to Technical Director.


So, what’s Tracey all about?

I love sharing life experiences and keeping things chilled, I’m always following fashion and the latest trends so I can do what I do best and create effortless glam looks.


Originally from North-West London, Tracey is a rarity - a real Londoner! Tracey’s been with us for 6 years, originally joining us as a stylist. Tracey’s now working as an accomplished Director, Aveda Texture Specialist & unofficial in-house Therapist.


So, what’s Steven all about?

I love to really take the time to listen to my guests, helping get them best version of themselves. I am passionate about being an all-rounder, over the last 20 years had the luxury of periods specialising in each area of my work and I love it all!


Hailing from Scotland’s third largest city, Aberdeen, Steven’s hugely experienced with 20 years hairdressing under his belt. He’s been with us for a year and has quickly become an integral part of our team, starting as a Senior Stylist, quickly being promoted to Director.


So, what’s Javier all about?

I Love bringing out my guest's natural beauty and making them feel amazing, really getting to know whoever is in my chair. Working with Aveda colour let us get me get creative and transform my guests look and confidence, finishing with glamorous styling.


Our charming resident Spaniard, Javier’s been in London for 6 years and with us the entire time! Having joined us as an assistant Javier’s now progressed up to Senior Stylist with great aplomb.


So, what’s Tracey all about?

I am all about being open and honest, I love offering advice and really taking care of my guests, building relationships with warmth and approachability building trust and confidence. I am all about Blondes! I love the rewarding feeling of lifting hair to get that perfect blonde while maintaining the guest’s hair condition.


Originally from Russia, Maia’s spent time studying in Iceland before heading to London 12 years ago. Maia joined the team with an impressive set of skills, focusing on her impeccable colour work and styling.


So, what’s Steven all about?

Hair, I am a bit obsessed! What more can I say?


Our Founder Gary has a wealth of experience while maintaining a hunger to learn, Gary sets our highest standards and a notable example to all who have enjoyed time working with him. Gary’s attention to detail has gained him a great reputation in the industry as well as his Celebrity clientele.


So, what’s Ana Maria all about?

I’m all about making the guest in my chair really feel amazing, its such a powerful feeling knowing no matter what day they’ve had in that moment; I’ve helped to make them feel that way. This is hands down the most important part of my job! I love to push myself, especially with colour challenges, correcting colour you never believed could be. I’m a huge believer that colour effects our mood, behaviour and outlook on life, so it simply has to be right for you. That’s exactly why I’m here!

Ana Maria

Ana Maria has joined us with a decade of experience, working with Aveda for 8 years in West London, and has built up a loyal and regular clientele.


So, what’s Hiro all about?

I’m easy going and relaxed, I really enjoy meeting all the different people that find their way into my chair. Large parts of my career have been specialising in cutting, I love working everything from short sharp shapes to textured and detailed technical work. Although I've spent time specialising in cutting, I really enjoy being able to compliment my work with colour, I really like natural highlights especially beautiful natural blondes.


Hiro moved to the UK 20 years ago from Nagoya, Japan to begin his Hairdressing career, his very first job here was with Gary and after spending time working for hugely respected industry icons like Mazella & Palmer he’s back!


So, what’s Rianna all about?

I am a very realistic colourist; however, I really enjoy solving problems, I am here to achieve your hair dreams. I’m all about offering an open and relaxed service to suit your needs, we can talk life advice, fun plans or just a quiet relaxed service. Every season I keep up to date with new colour trends so will always keep you looking on trend and beautiful


Rianna’s been with us for 6 years joining us as a Colour Technician, the experience she is gained during her time with here has seen her promoted to a Senior Colour Technician with a real love for what she does. Rianna’s hugely popular with her guests and our team.


So, what’s JP all about?

As a cutting specialist I’m all about discovering my guest’s relationship with their hair, creating personalised shapes that work for best you. Whether your homecare routine takes 1 hour or 1 minute, I honestly believe your hair shouldn’t just look great when you leave the salon. The key is in the consultation and I’m always happy to offer advice and suggestions to find a haircut the fits each of my guests. Your haircut should represent both your look, personality, and your lifestyle. I’m passionate about our sustainability mission and proud to be offering a eco-friendly service to all my guests with as little impact on the environment as possible.


Our Salon Manager & Head of Education JP has been with us for 11 years, starting as an Assistant JP has flown through the ranks excelling at every level, an integral part of everything we do JP’s had enormous impact on the business. As one of our Technical Directors JP’s standards are exceptionally high and his work matches it.

Primrose Hill


So, what’s Amy all about?

The favourite parts of my role are making my guests feel happy and welcome in our space as well as highlighting hair with our customisable Aveda colour, I Also really enjoy my cutting, especially working strong graphic shapes.


Our English Rose, Amy’s commitment to her guests and the team has no bounds, Amy joined us in 2016 as a Stylist, since then she has become the backbone of the team and Salon Manager.


So, what’s Maria all about?

I am passionate about being creative and bringing that into my day-to-day work, I really love interacting with all my guests and really enjoy creating something unique. My favourite thing to do is work with short hair, I love strong shapes and I really enjoy working on Gents hair. I also love finding interesting ways to work colour into my guests look whether short or long hair!


Maria “From the heel of the boot” (Puglia, Italy) has been with us for 6 years, joining us as an assistant with no hairdressing experience and has now worked her way up to Senior Stylist and one of our Colour Educators.


So, what’s Edita all about?

I really enjoy being honest with my guests and sharing experiences of travel or parenting. I am a perfectionist so absolutely love precision work weather its colour or cutting I really enjoy the tiny details and creating that journey with my guests to get their hair exactly right!


Edita joined us an assistant 7 years ago with no hairdressing experience after studding a degree in Marketing in her home city of Vilnius, Lithuania. She completed her training in 2018 with remarkable success and an eye for detail beyond her experience. Edita’s now a busy Senior Stylist after taking a short break to become a Mum!


So, what’s Sam all about?

My focus is getting the best out of the people around me, whether that’s my Guest’s or our Team, I am passionate about us becoming the most sustainable Salon we can be. As a Stylist I really enjoy natural fuss-free hair, although I have a love of colour I really enjoy cutting too!


Sam our General Manager joined us in 2015, he has become our “Eco Champion” and a Green Libertine for Green Salon Collective helping us drive our business to become increasingly sustainable. Having worked with Aveda since 2006 Sam’s our Head of Colour Education and Technical Director.

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